For a positive birth experience it is crucial to be in a calm and relaxed and confident frame of mind. Hypnobirthing helps provide you with tools to be in the best place mentally and to alleviate any fear or anxiety you may have about birth.

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The right birth on the day

There is no right way to give birth. The important thing is to come out of your birth feeling positive and knowing that you were in control and made your own informed decisions regardless of the path your labour and birth takes.

With the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme you can have all the tools you need to not only be confident about your birth, but to also manage any unexpected circumstances that may arise. 

Class one

This class opens your mind to a different way of thinking and if your partner is skeptical somewhat then they will enjoy learning the science behind it all in this class. You and your birth partner will lay a great foundation upon which to grow in confidence.

class two

Here you will focus on the techniques that will help you stay calm and how your birth partner can support you with that. What does relaxation mean to you and how long does it take for you to really feel relaxed?

Class three

All about learning to connect with your emotions and bonding with your baby. You will need to take time to consider what is important to you when you are birth planning and know what options are available to you.

class four

Bringing it all together so that you feel confident, ready and prepared for your very special day. This class provides information for your birth partner so that they can be the best support that they can be for you on the day. This class will help you both make informed decisions on the day. After all, you will only get one chance to birth your baby!

class five

All about what to expect after your baby is born, how to breastfeed with the correct latch, hand expression and what is or isn't normal. This class also focuses on newborn care for both mum and dad to feel confident in the first few weeks after birth.

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